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Finding the Perfect Ring Size

Picking out any ring doesn’t have to be a difficult task. With the right amount of knowledge about how to size the ring and what to look for in the perfect ring can make it an enjoyable and easy task, instead.

If you’re not sure how to size a ring for yourself, we have come up with a few very helpful tips on how to do so.

Measuring Your Finger

It’s important to remember that a ring should fit snug on your finger, but not too snug that you can’t slide it over your knuckle. Also, we must note that your finger size can change through out the day. Depending on the time of the day and the weather. Although, the most common ring size for women is between a 6 and a 6.5.

You should measure your fingers in the evening, as your fingers are smaller in the morning. It would be a good idea to measure your finger three or four times a day to make sure you get a valid size.

Our dominant hand tends to be slightly bigger, so you also need to make sure you are measuring the correct hand.

You should know that wider rings have a tighter fit than thinner bands, so if you borrow a ring to help measure, make sure that it is the same width as the ring you plan on purchasing.

Finding your ring size can be the ultimate guessing game. And buying a ring as a gift can be even harder. Since not all rings are resizable, it is important that the ring you purchase is as close as possible to your or your recipient’s true ring size. Once you have the right size, it’s time to buy the dream ring.